14 House Selling Tricks Your Competition Will Wish They Thought Of

14 House Selling Tricks Your Competition Will Wish They Thought Of

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From the time you decide to list your house, you are looking forward to being done with it. Selling a home is a process that often takes longer than expected. Put some of these house selling tricks to work to help hurry it along.

1. Make it a Competition – Surely, your neighbors, friends, and family would get excited over a cash prize or a generous gas card to the person who refers the actual buyer.

2. Don’t Overdo it with Scents – Rather than masking those pet odors, clean the carpets. Do the curtains smell like cigarette smoke? Clean them, too. Going overboard with strong smelling candles or a scented room spray will hint that you are covering something up.

3. Resist the Urge to Share – Buyers don’t need to know why you are moving. They could use this information to their advantage later.

4. Do a Little Investigating – Research your buyers and make a connection. If you know their dogs are their kids, leave a box of treats for them. Are they wine drinkers? Borrow a couple bottles from a friend’s collection to casually leave on the counter.

5. Introduce the Neighborhood – Write them a list of where to find the best coffee, babysitter, bike trail, yoga studio, etc.

6. Declutter and Depersonalize – Remove furniture and d├ęcor you don’t need, as well as everything personal, including photos, awards, personalized serving trays, etc.

7. Don’t Leave the Dog – If you are having an open house, Fido needs to go next door or to a friend’s house for a doggy play date. Not everyone loves pets, and those who don’t do not need to be reminded that there is one living there.

8. Be Generous – People like to feel like they are getting a little something extra. Offer a flat screen at closing or split the closing costs.

9. Focus on Curb Appeal – To make a strong first impression, you have to focus on what they see first when they pull up to your driveway.

10. Warm and Inviting Elements – A friendly doormat, welcoming note on the counter, and a thank you note posted by the door will make them feel more connected.

11. Evaluate the Temperature – The temperature in the house needs to be just right. If they are hot while looking they will wonder if the air conditioner can keep up with the summer heat. A home that is cold might have them thinking the house needs new windows or that the energy bill must be high.

12. Price it Right – Pricing plays a huge role in how fast your house sells. You may even want to price a bit low to encourage a bidding war.

13. Cater to Kids – Looking at homes with kids can be stressful. If they are fussing or acting up then the parents won’t take the time to really explore the house. Have some coloring books, toys, or an easy game, like Checkers or Connect Four out for them to play.

14. Make the Most of the Outdoors – Even if you have a tiny backyard with a patio, you can accent it as space they will get a lot of use out of. A bistro table and umbrella with a vase of fresh cut flowers make them look forward to enjoying breakfast out there. Have a shade tree? A hammock underneath is a must!

To sell your home fast, you need to make sure it is easy for buyers to connect to. Put these house selling tips and tricks to use, and you are sure to have bids in no time!

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