Set the Correct Listing Price for Your Home

Posted by Randy Pickering // May 19, 2015

Setting your listing price is one of the biggest decisions you are going to make. Set it too high. and you are going to scare potential buyers away. You may assume you are just creating negotiating room, but you may lose your chance at even getting a bid. On the other hand, setting too low […]

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Heading to an Open House? Bring These Questions.

Posted by Randy Pickering // May 11, 2015

Even the most thorough listings don’t give you all the information you need to decide if you should buy a house. Attending an open house gives you the chance to make sure the home has the features you need, but it also provides the opportunity to learn more about the seller and area. Asking the […]

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Know Your Closing Costs

Posted by Randy Pickering // May 5, 2015

In a perfect world, you could pick out a home, hand over your down payment, and fast-forward through the rest. Unfortunately, in the real world, the process is not that simple. In fact, dealing with obtaining a mortgage, hiring an inspector, etc. can be downright confusing. Then, the complexity of two little words can ultimately […]

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Getting Settled in Your New Washington County Neighborhood

Posted by Randy Pickering // April 28, 2015

Getting settled into your Washington County neighborhood is more than just unpacking boxes and hanging some art on the walls. If you simply moved to a new neighborhood, you may not have quite as big of an adjustment, but if you relocated here from a new city or state it can take a while to […]

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Pricing Your Washington County Home to Sell

Posted by Randy Pickering // April 21, 2015

You have cleared the clutter, deep cleaned the interior, and even added a few planters of flowers to the front yard. You feel your Washington County home is ready to sell, but you have no idea what your asking price should be. Sound familiar? You may assume you can just start high, so you have […]

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Mortgage Tips for Self-Employed Borrowers

Posted by Randy Pickering // April 14, 2015

RYP Property Solutions’ tips for self-employed borrowers. Are you self-employed and having trouble getting a mortgage?  Here are some things you can present to the lender to help you get approval. 8 Things you Need to Know Preparing to the paperwork to present to a lender can be very time consuming and daunting.  As a […]

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Interested in Generating Rental Income? Start Here.

Posted by Randy Pickering // April 7, 2015

RYP Property Solutions’ Tips For Beginning to Generate Rental Income With the housing market on the rise many people are looking into leveraging other properties in their portfolio to generate rental income.  Before you begin doing so, here are 6 things you may want to consider. Laws Being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibility. […]

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Small Space? Big Ideas.

Posted by Randy Pickering // March 31, 2015

RYP Property Solutions’ Tips for Transforming Your Small Space into Your Personal Palace Of course we’d all love a big home with generous room sizes; unfortunately it does not always happen right away. While you are waiting to upsize your digs, here are some tips on how you can optimize your small space,  fooling your eyes […]

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Washington County Home Sellers: Do These MUSTS Before Listing

Posted by Randy Pickering // March 24, 2015

Money Musts for Washington County Home Sellers When you make the decision to sell your home, you expect all the work needed to get the property ready, such as renovations and increasing street appeal. What you may not be ready for is the financial planning that goes along with selling a home. Why do you […]

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Why You SHOULD Make Repairs Before You Sell

Posted by Randy Pickering // March 17, 2015

You’ve finally reached the decision to put your home up for sale. Before actually putting your home on the market, it would be beneficial to make all the necessary home repairs. Why should you invest money into a home that you are looking to sell? Wouldn’t it make sense to let the new owners make […]

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