Get Your Credit Score In Check

Posted by Randy Pickering // March 10, 2015

Knowing your credit score is important if you are thinking about moving or buying a home this year. Home buying is an expensive investment, and chances are you are going to need help from a lender. Your credit score is going to be used to determine if you are financially responsible, and a better credit […]

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Smart Upgrades for Washington County Home Sellers

Posted by Randy Pickering // March 3, 2015

Tips for Washington County Home Sellers Looking to get the most out of your home renovations? It’s important to realize that not every update is going to be worth your time and money. As Washington County home sellers getting ready to sell, here are six upgrades you can do that will give you the most back. […]

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Working with Distressed Washington County Homeowners

Posted by Randy Pickering // February 24, 2015

Help for Distressed Washington County Homeowners Financially distressed Washington County homeowners should be willing to sell their home at any reasonable price, right? Sometimes, homeowners who have defaulted on their loans or are in foreclosure can be reluctant when it comes to putting their home on the market. As a real estate investor, it’s important […]

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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Posted by Randy Pickering // February 17, 2015

After the long winter months, spring is the time most people want to start fresh, especially when it comes to fixing up their home. If you are looking for easy ways to give your home a fresh new look without spending a lot of time and money, look no further! Here are ten ways you […]

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Winter Designs to Feel Like Summer

Posted by Randy Pickering // February 10, 2015

It’s easy to get the winter time blues from the cold temperatures and days without sunlight. We have ten ways to help you beat the blues without leaving the comfort of your warm home. Bring the sunshine in Change out a few bulbs with full-spectrum bulbs Full-spectrum bulbs closely replicate the sun’s natural rays These […]

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Understand the Challenges of Selling Your Home…

Posted by Randy Pickering // February 3, 2015

And Let RYP Property Solutions Help! Thinking about selling your home? How do you know if it’s the right time? Most people are aware of the difficulties of people trying to buy a home, but what about those looking to sell? Homeowners looking to sell their home have a different set of problems to face, […]

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Washington County Home Buyers: Know Your Numbers

Posted by Randy Pickering // January 27, 2015

Washington County home buyers who experience the most success are often times also the most informed. If you are, or soon will be, a prospective new home buyer, be sure to read our list of Need to Know Numbers for Washington County Home Buyers below to help you prepare for your new purchase. Start Online […]

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