Quick and Easy Hacks to Increase Your Home’s Value

Quick and Easy Hacks to Increase Your Home’s Value

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Before listing your home you will most likely need to do a few things to get it ready.  You will not want to spend a ton of money in the process so you will want to make sure what you end up doing is worth it.  Here are a few quick, easy and cheap hacks to increase your home’s value en route to a quick sale.

Decluttering and Staging

One of the first things you will want to do is to declutter your home.  Make sure you put things in storage so your rooms do not look packed with “stuff” as this causes your home to look smaller than it actually is.  Buyers want to imagine how their stuff will look in your home so try to make the rooms look as neutral as possible so they are able to do this.  You may need to hire a professional or get advice from your real estate agent if you feel you are having trouble doing this.

Cleaning Your Home

A clean home can bring in more money than a home a seller thinks, but you will need to spend a little time and money on this. So before listing your home take a weekend to give it a deep clean and get all those marks, scuffs and dents cleaned up!

Love at First Sight

To some buyers the outside of the home is the most important aspect.  This means that the moment they see your home they will be making judgement on the property even before they enter.  Make sure you take the time to trim the bushes, mow the lawn, and add a few flowers for a touch of color.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Not only do buyers like to see new appliances in the home they like the thought that these appliances can save them money in the future.  If you have some extra money in the budget, make sure you invest in these appliances or put in new windows to appeal to the buyers.

Kitchen & Bathroom: Two Important Areas

The two areas in your home that you should renovate if you have the budget are the kitchen and bathrooms.  By updating these areas you can increase your home’s value by up to 7%. If you are unable to spend the money make sure you still spend the time cleaning and decluttering these areas.  If needed, add a fresh coat of paint to help make it look new.

Photographing Your Home Right (and in Light)

The first image the sellers get of your home are from the photos that you or your real estate agent post.  This is when the sellers will decide if they even want to take the time to look at your home in person.  So make sure that you take these photos on a bright sunny day when your home is shown in the best light.

Sideline Your Emotions

Buyers will want to change things in your home and will not have the same taste as you do.  Don’t take offense to this. Remember: your ultimate goal is to sell your home.

Listing and selling your home can be a confusing, stressful process but if you follow these tips above you will be able to increase your home’s value and put yourself on a path to a quick home sale at a higher price.

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